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Health insurance is another thing business owners need, but that is where we step in.

Every business owner needs a group health plan for their employees.


Not insuring your friends, family and employees who work for your business is a huge gamble. You need a group health plan if you are a self-employed person who cannot afford health insurance, or if you are a small business owner who values health insurance for their employees.

Health insurance helps protect you in the following ways:

  • Discounted rates for healthcare. Insurance companies usually negotiate costs with healthcare providers. Without this  function, costs usually go up.
  • Protects you from unexpected medical costs. Many people go bankrupt from medical costs.
  • Protects you from going out of work. Without your health, you cannot work.
  • You will get better care. You get access to better care with a group health plan.
  • You will be healthier because you will have regular checkups and other benefits that are not usually included in your normal insurance.
  • Protects your business from personal medical costs. Unexpected personal medical expenses happen and will raise personal liability expenses. Health insurance will protect your business.
  • Hire and retain the best workers. Employer-sponsored group health insurance coverage is a great way to keep the best employees for the long-term.


There are two to choose from:

  • Individual and Family Plans purchased by individuals to cover themselves or their families
  • Small Business/Group Plans which are employer-sponsored health coverage

After that, there are more plan options to choose from:

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are the most popular for everyone. Make sure your healthcare providers participate in the PPO. This may be right for you if your doctor already participates in the PPO or if you want to work with a predetermined provider list.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans offer health care services through a network of providers who contract exclusively with the HMO or who agree to provide services to members. An HMO plan may be right for you if you want to use a primary care physician or if you want preventive care.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) eligible plans are usually PPO plans with higher deductibles, designed for use with HSAs. These are similar to a flexible spending account (FSA) or 401(k),. An HSA is a special bank account that allows participants to save pre-tax money, specifically for future medical expenses. An HSA-eligible plan may be right for you if you want to pay your health expenses with pre-tax money, you’re healthy and don’t need to see the doctor a lot, you want a cheaper premium, or you want to roll over your contributions.

Indemnity plans allow members to visit any doctor or hospital they like the most. Because of this freedom, Indemnity plans are sometimes more expensive than other types of plans. An Indemnity plan may be right for you, if you want to choose your doctor or hospital or you don’t mind handling the billing of your own claims.


We help all small businesses with the nitty gritty, which includes monthly payments, coverage of all staff, claims responsiveness and customizable coverage for your needs, as well as agents that care.


Cheap insurance is not the best insurance. Most insurance policies function the same, but that doesn’t mean they are good for your needs. There’s not one policy that will be the best for your business and health – only a consultation will solve that.

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