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Putting our clients’ needs first, always.

Our History/About Us

We founded Ensurance Max in 2008 in what was admittedly a scary time for us all - The Great Recession. Seeing a need for Americans to have insurance for their life and assets, and wanting to protect what they had worked so hard for - the vision for Ensurance Max was born. We wanted to see every person with the best coverage at the best price. That is why we poured so much blood, sweat and tears into creating an insurance company that was not only equitable, but one that had no frills and all results. We grew quickly after our very first customers saw the dedication and drive we had to research the best prices. Soon enough, we were considered experts in our field. Now we are confident with all insurance lingo - that is, after all, the secret to the best deal!

We are top producers in our fields. We don’t believe in talking without results. Our favorite activity is to find you the best deals so that you can worry about things that matter to you. At the end of the day, we would call ourselves a company that knows how to relieve stress.

We pride ourselves on being multicultural and inclusive of every religion and race. Everyone deserves coverage that will protect them during their darkest days. We are customer service minded, with an approach that is solely focused on helping others. That’s it. That is why we took the leap into this business to begin with.

We were born in Maryland, but also serve Virginia and Washington D.C.. We were born locally, and we have ties to our community that will never falter. We understand that insurance can be a scary proposition for many, which is why we always take the time to discuss important avenues for each and every client. We don’t believe insurance is one size fits all. We offer options for everyone, because you deserve the best protection. Your best interest will always be first, and we will serve you ethically and with honor.

Slowly, the business started to pick up, and we added more and more options for our growing base of customers. We are now proud to offer more insurance options that will come in handy should an emergency ever happen. Tough times never last, but tough people do. We will always take care of you, our customer. Give us a call or an email today so that we may find the best solution for you.

how we work

After watching friends and family struggle to find the right plans or losing everything because they did not have the proper insurance, we knew we had to make a change. We seek to make insurance transparent so that everyone can understand the papers they are signing. We have developed a reputation that people have come to trust. We take pride in serving our community.

Personalized Customer Service

Helping people find the right insurance makes us excited. We work with every client individually to find a plan that works for them and their needs. Insurance has never been more complicated to understand, coupled with dangers in the modern workplace. We are here to help protect you from all of it. We are always here to help answer any questions so that your mind is at ease. Everyone faces different challenges, but at the heart of it, we want your interests to be protected.

Our Values

We want every customer to feel valued, comfortable and relaxed in our environment. That is why we work extra diligently to give you the best service possible. We know what it is like to be on the other side - that is where we drew our inspiration from! Every customer deserves the best prices and the best services, especially in this industry. We take pride in serving you so that you continue to come back and trust us with your personal affairs. We do not take this trust lightly and want every single one of our customers to feel empowered by the fact that we do our research to find the best prices. We have strong ethics that supersede other insurance companies who simply want to take your money. We are a local business that believes in reinvesting in the communities that supported us along the way. With a strong customer service base and a need to give a quick turnaround, we can safely say our values rest in the happiness of our customers.

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